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Family coat of arms

Schepman (Didam)

This is the picture of the family coat of arms that had been registered on 12th of april 1976 at the Register of Family Coat of Arms in the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie in The Hague. It is based on the oldest known seal, that now is kept in the deeds, papers and documents of the Geldersche Leenkamer in the State Archives in Arnhem.
The seal has been used by Theodorus Schepman (1650-after 1721) on a deed dated 29th of June 1698.
He was born in Didam (east of Arnhem) and lived in Kapel Avezaath (near Tiel) .

Castle of Valckensteyn
The castle of Valckensteyn was in the family from 1761 until 1817. Dr. Theodorus Schepman (1714-1790) (picture) bought the castle and after the dead of his son Mr.Dr. Teunis Schepman (1742-1813) (picture) it was sold by the heirs.
Theodorus and Teunis were Lords of Valckensteyn, medical doctors and physicians.

Drawing of Roeland Roghman (born some time between 1597 and 1627 and died in 1687 or 1688), Grand Master of Dutch castlepainters.
Photo: Gemeentelijke Archiefdienst Rotterdam

Slot Valckensteyn

Shells and beetles
Mattheus Marinus Schepman (1847-1919) (picture) was a world famous connoisseur of shells. He classified the finds of various expeditions. No doubt his standard work is "The Prosobranchia of the Siboga expedition". The expedition was carried out from 7th of March 1899 until 26th of February 1900 with the HM Siboga in the waters of the Dutch Indies. The work was published from 1908 till 1913 and includes 494 pages, 212 genuses and 1.467 species. A part of the shells, with his names, can be find on internet in the present day.


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